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Claggett Power Skating Academy was founded in Madison, WI in 2012.  Built on a foundation of passion and science, Coach Claggett created a community where players of any age and skill level, could have the opportunity to further develop their skating skills to the next level. Whether you are a beginner, professional athlete, or any skill level in between, AC Power Skating Academy is here to help. 

AC Power Skating really helped me during my professional career. Coach Amy pushed me outside my comfort zone and I learned to trust my edges more than ever before. My speed, balance, and power all improved. I wish I had her as a coach growing up. She is a true professional! 

Claudia Kepler - Pro Player

“Coach Amy’s knowledge, skill, and ability to connect with skaters no doubt helped me become a faster and stronger skater and her love of the game made power skating fun! I would recommend Coach Amy to anyone!” 

Chase Hutter  - Chicago Mission

“I have been working with Coach Amy for over ten years! Her drive and passion for hockey is something I admire. She has pushed me to test my limits on the ice. This support has increased my speed, quickness in transitions, and improved my gracefulness on the ice to be able to skate smoother and more efficiently. Coach Amy has helped me reach my goal of playing Division 1 hockey at Clarkson University. I’m very grateful for her!”

Greta Brezenski - Bishop Kearney Selects

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