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Claggett Power Skating Academy will be hosting summer camps at the Waunakee Ice Pond starting June 2024! These camps will cover forward/backward stride mechanics, body awareness, inside/outside edge work, forward/backward crossovers, agility, pivots, deception edge work, stopping variations, multiple tight turn variations, and puck protection.


Coaching staff will consist of Amy Claggett, Claudia Kepler, Danny Reis, Greta Brezinkski, George Colletti and Maddie Posick.

Being able to count on your edges at a high speed separates the top players from the average players. Through skill breakdown skating drills used, players will retain muscle patterns and utilize edge mechanics to increase speed, performance, and maneuverability on the ice. The goal of these camps is to train the players to commit to muscle memory which will then result in them becoming more efficient, powerful and skilled hockey players. Along with power skating drills they will also be challenged to use skating specific edge patterns in small area games.

 Skaters will be placed in camps based on their age and the level of hockey they played this past season. Camps will be 8 weeks long, consisting of a one hour session once a week. Players may sign up for two camps if looking for more. This will however depend on availability and age.


U6 (2020-2017)

U8 (2016-2015)

AA Squirt - Bantam (2014-2010)

AAA Squirt Major - High School (2013 and up 2004)

High School (2008 and older)

JR, NCAA, Pro (2007 and older)

Spots are limited as the size of each camp will be capped depending on age and level of the camp.  Please register your player based on the team they played on last season and birth year accordingly. If you have questions regarding which camp is the right fit please always feel free to contact me.

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